This software factory provides proven solutions to common challenges found while building and operating composite smart client applications. It helps architects and developers build modular systems that can be built and deployed by independent teams. Applications built with the software factory use proven practices for operations, such as centralized exception logging.

The software factory contains a collection of reusable components and libraries, Visual Studio 2008 solution templates, wizards and extensions, How-to topics, automated tests, extensive architecture documentation, patterns, and a reference implementation. The software factory uses Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Communication Foundation, and the Enterprise Library 3.1 – May 2007 release. With this release, the Composite UI Application Block is included in the software factory.
New in This Release

The April 2008 release of the Smart Client Software Factory includes support for Visual Studio 2008 and Guidance Automation Extensions — February 2008 release and Guidance Automation Toolkit — February 2008 release. This release does not support Visual Studio 2005. The Smart Client Software Factory – May 2007 release supports Visual Studio 2005.
Support for Occasionally Connected Clients

This release includes enhancements to support occasionally connected clients. An application is occasionally connected if it sometimes cannot interact with services or data over a network in a timely manner. The software factory includes the following applications blocks to support occasionally connected clients:

Endpoint Catalog Application Block
Connection Monitor Application Block
Disconnected Service Agent Application Block

Support for Windows Presentation Foundation Integration

This release contains extensions to the Composite UI Application Block that you can use to integrate Windows Presentation Foundation SmartParts into your Windows Forms applications. (For a description of these extensions, see “Composite UI Application Block Extensions for WPF” in the documentation.)
Composite UI Application Block

This release includes the source code and signed assemblies for the Composite UI Application Block. This means that you do not have to download, install, and compile the Composite UI Application Block. (The source code is unchanged from the December 2005 release.)

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